What are our goals?

Our Vision
To ensure that South East London continues to thrive as prosperous and connected community.

Our Mission
The business community has an integral part to play in the success of South East London. As the representative body for the business community, we will support our vision for South East London through:

  • Building partnerships
    Between the businesses of South East London and supporting them in gaining business beyond our boundaries.
  • Supporting growth
    Of new and current businesses through links to the resources, skills and opportunities they need;
  • Bridging the gaps
    Between the Business Community, the Public Sector, Higher Education, Further Education and the Voluntary Sector.
  • Advocating
    For the interests of the Business Community through close and influential relationships with our four Councils, the GLA and our MPs.
Our Goals

Our success as a Chamber rests on the strength of our membership. And we want the membership to grow.
Chamber member services and opportunities must be fit for a changing digital world.

We want to increase the benefits and impact of Chamber networking,  so we’re developing a programme of sector and location specific networking groups, as well as our successful breakfasts and lunches.

We want to resource the Chamber office more effectively in order to maximise income generation opportunities and provide increased levels of service to our members. Our long-term ambition is to appoint a paid Chief Executive Officer and increase administration support.

We want to develop our information provision and improve communications between the Chamber and its stakeholders, and between members. We’ve invested in a new website and digital marketing tools to help.

We want to ensure our offer is relevant to entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses relying on the internet for growth and communication. We are looking at ways to develop virtual chamber benefits and services.

Innovation and Enterprise
We want to develop stronger relationships with student bodies in local colleges and universities to ensure a flow of talent, ideas and skills into our businesses, helping South East London develop as a centre of innovation and enterprise.

Employment & Skills
We work with local partners to champion apprentice and intern programmes within our membership and other local businesses.

Strategic Partner Scheme
We offer an enhanced membership package to attract larger businesses as partners, to help support the Chamber in providing a greater range of services to members.