Royal Borough of Greenwich Seeks Feedback on Proposed Changes to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

August 3, 2023

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is soliciting feedback on proposed alterations to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The CIL is a fee collected from developers and landlords creating housing and commercial spaces in the borough, ensuring the local community reaps benefits from new developments. This levy contributes to crucial infrastructure and community facilities like roads, schools, and medical centers across Royal Greenwich.

The Council’s proposal aims to increase the CIL charges, aligning them with changes in local land values, and addressing the infrastructure requirements needed to accommodate the borough’s growing population.

Cllr Aidan Smith, Cabinet Member for Regeneration highlighted the importance of high-quality infrastructure to support residents and businesses. He also underscored the significant role CIL has played in financing key local projects such as the new Elizabeth line station in Woolwich and upgrades to community centers, sports facilities, and parks.

“We’re keen to support and encourage new development in Royal Greenwich, however it’s important that developers and landlords help contribute to the wider community.” said Cllr Smith. The revised charges, he added, would enable the Council to enhance essential infrastructure and services and foster vibrant, healthy communities.

Following the receipt of feedback, the Council plans to review all comments and consider potential modifications to the proposals. Thereafter, the proposed charges, supportive evidence, and all feedback will be presented to an independent examiner for evaluation.

Depending on the format of the review, stakeholders and local residents may have the opportunity to voice their opinions. If a public hearing is held, those wishing to speak must provide full contact details along with their feedback. However, the examiner may also request written comments.

If the independent examiner finds the proposed CIL charges and the provided evidence base sound, the Council is expected to formally approve the new charges in 2024.

Those interested in participating in the consultation can read more about the process and share feedback at the official Royal Borough of Greenwich Website,

Hard copies of the information and questionnaire are available at the Eltham Centre, Greenwich Centre, Thamesmere, and Woolwich Centre libraries.

The consultation closes on Monday 25 September at 5pm.