LifeForce Security Limited
11th January 2019

LifeForce Security Limited

LifeForce Security Limited has provided a personal and property security service since February 2011. However, all the senior staff each have over 20 years’ experience in the police, security or related sectors. LifeForce Security is based in Greenwich and provides security services to Greenwich based and surrounding businesses.

LifeForce understand the anxieties of people who are looking to be secure in these difficult times where the threat of terrorist activity is constantly within their thoughts. As such, they ensure that all staff are fully trained, not only in how to deal with emergency/urgent situations, but also to convey a feeling of confidence that the customer and client interests and safety are being fully cared for in the best possible manner. LifeForce’s clients have expressed confidence in the delivery of their services, resulting in zero disruptive or conflict situations.

LifeForce recruit and train guards to the best they could be.

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Phone:  0808 222 1920 or 0795 8577 808.