Lewisham Council To Put Stop To Single-Use Plastics
30th November 2018

Lewisham Council To Put Stop To Single-Use Plastics

Lewisham Council have supported a motion to end the use of single and short-term-use plastic in their buildings, offices, schools and nurseries by May 2022.

The motion, which was brought to a meeting of Full Council, asked us to stop using and buying plastics such as bottles, cups, straws and cutlery. The move comes after TV programmes Blue Planet II and Drowning in Plastic highlighted the plight of the world’s oceans, where eight million tonnes of plastic end up every year.

The motion also asked that the Council work with festival and event organisers to replace these plastics with reusable materials or cup deposit schemes. Eventually this would become a condition for getting a license for events.

Councillor Chris Best, Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, said: ‘The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that, by 2050, the weight of plastic in the oceans will exceed that of fish. There is a growing awareness and understanding of the impact and risks posed to animal and human health through the toxic chemicals present in plastics, the ingestion of plastic bags and other plastics by wild animals, as well as dangers of entrapment and injury by plastic waste.

‘If the Mayor and cabinet agree, this policy would form part of our approach to recycling and environmental issues. In addition, we would make sure that this message goes out to partner organisations and commercial enterprises in the borough.’