Help us Shape a Royal Greenwich Equality and Equity Charter
26th June 2020

Help us Shape a Royal Greenwich Equality and Equity Charter

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Royal Greenwich is a vibrant, diverse borough – which is one of our biggest assets. However, this diversity also presents challenges and recent events have highlighted the fact that not all people enjoy the same advantages in life.

These inequalities need to be addressed to make sure our borough is a place where everyone can succeed and prosper, no matter what their background.

I am very proud that we will be launching a borough-wide Equality and Equity Charter this year, but first we want to hear your views.

Today we have launched a consultation on our proposed Equality and Equity Charter which will run for seven weeks, closing on Sunday 16 August. You can read the charter and have your say at

The Council has a key role in shaping what life is like in Royal Greenwich, but we cannot do this alone. We want to bring organisations together to work towards shared values, that they have agreed and contributed to, so that we can unlock opportunities for all people across our borough. We will listen to our organisations, businesses, and residents to developcharter pledges that support a fairer, safer, accessible and inclusive Royal Greenwich.

The charter follows on from work we began last year when we worked with the Runnymede Trust to get an independent assessment of how we were doing as a borough. The hard truth is that the outcomes for our BAME residents in some areas, such as education, housing and involvement with the police still raise serious concerns. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, we had been working with schools, the police and a wide range of partners to tackle these injustices.

The Council also began work on developing our own equality objectives earlier this year and ran workshops and consultations with staff, councillors and voluntary sector groups.

I am committed to making our borough a place where people can live with equality of opportunity. If you have any ideas that could contribute to our progress, I would love to hear them.

Please do encourage your staff, volunteers and members to have their say on the proposed charter as well at

Many thanks,


Cllr Danny Thorpe

Leader, Royal Borough of Greenwich

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