Changing Chairs – London Assembly reorganises
22nd May 2020

Changing Chairs – London Assembly reorganises

At its Annual Meeting Friday 15th May, Assembly Members voted for new leadership of the Assembly as a whole and leadership of the various committees.

The new Chair of the London Assembly is confirmed as Navin Shah AM and the new Deputy Chairman is Tony Arbour AM.

New Chair of the London Assembly, Navin Shah AM said:

“In this new year, like every organisation, the Assembly’s main focus will be on London’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has taken over our society, impacted on our lives and changed our city so much so that it’s almost unrecognisable. 

“Now, more than ever before, the Assembly needs to be there for Londoners by asking the questions they want the answers to.  The Mayor has a vital role to play in helping London sail through this storm and the Assembly will ensure to hold him to account as difficult decisions are made.  As London finds its way through this tough period, we will shape this great city of ours, which has learned how to care, support and help each other during this difficult time.  

“We thank Jennette Arnold OBE AM for all her incredible work as Chair of the Assembly during the past year. Looking forward, the London Assembly will continue to be focused on our key roles of holding the Mayor to account and investigating issues that matter to Londoners.  And as always, we will ensure that the concerns of Londoners are heard loud and clear, which is of particular importance as we enter the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic response.” 

The role of the Assembly is to act as a check and balance on the activites of the Mayor of London.

Committees, Chairs and Deputy Chairs as follows:

Audit Panel (4 Members)

Chairman: Susan Hall AM

Deputy Chair: Len Duvall AM


Budget and Performance Committee (8 Members)

Chairman: Susan Hall AM

Deputy Chair: Len Duvall AM


Confirmation Hearings Committee (9 Members)

Chair: Andrew Boff AM


Economy Committee (6 Members)

Chair: Léonie Cooper AM

Deputy Chairman: Shaun Bailey AM


Environment Committee (7 Members)

Chair: Caroline Russell AM

Deputy Chair: Léonie Cooper AM


Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee (6 Members)

Chair: Andrew Dismore AM

Deputy Chairman: Susan Hall AM


GLA Oversight Committee (11 Members)

Chair: Len Duvall AM

Deputy Chairman: Susan Hall AM


Health Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Dr Onkar Sahota AM

Deputy Chair: Andrew Boff AM


Housing Committee (7 Members)

Chair: Murad Qureshi AM

Deputy Chair: Andrew Boff AM


Planning and Regeneration Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Andrew Boff AM

Deputy Chair: Nicky Gavron AM


Police and Crime Committee (10 Members)

Chair: Unmesh Desai AM

Deputy Chairman: Steve O’Connell AM


Transport Committee (10 Members)

Chair: Alison Moore AM

Deputy Chair: Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM

Full Membership of each Committee and terms of reference