Bromley’s Returning Officer Receives Election Writs
22nd November 2019

Bromley’s Returning Officer Receives Election Writs

Bromley’s Mayor, Cllr Nicholas Bennett J.P. received the official writs of election ordering the holding of the upcoming General Election on Thursday 12 December in his capacity as Returning Officer.

Residents must make sure they are on the electoral register in order to vote and the deadline to vote in this election is midnight Tuesday 26 November. Due to a technicality in the election timetable this time, the deadline to apply for a postal vote also falls on the same day. Postal vote applications must be received by 5pm on that day. Everything you need to know about the upcoming Election is available on the Council’s website under General Election 2019 at

On receiving the three writs to mark the start of the Election process, Bromley’s Mayor Cllr Nicholas Bennett said: “A General Election is an incredible feat of planning and organisation in support of the country’s democratic process. It is all the more challenging when the election is called at short notice. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this as Returning Officer for the three constituencies we are responsible for in Bromley. It has been a pleasure to receive and sign the writs to start the process and I will be pleased to be there at the end to make the declarations of the results for all three constituencies in the early hours of Friday 13 December.”

 Pictures show:

Bromley’s Mayor accepting the Election Writs for the Beckenham; Bromley and Chislehurst and Orpington constituencies from Bromley Postal Delivery Manager Kevin Scoates. The Mayor then signed the writs to begin the General Election process.