Assembly Statement On The Link Between Exclusions And Violent Crime
08th March 2019

Assembly Statement On The Link Between Exclusions And Violent Crime

The Mayor of London and Police and Crime Commissioners have called on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to outlaw school ‘off-rolling’ to help prevent serious youth violence.

School off-rolling is when pupils are not formally excluded but appear to disappear from school registers.

In response, Chairman of the London Assembly Police & Crime Committee, Steve O’Connell AM, said: “We must do all we can to combat youth violence and attack it from all angles. From policing to prevention, all avenues must be explored on how to rid this from our streets.

“The London Assembly Education Panel found that London schools have seen a 26% increase in total exclusion rates in the last three years.

“Studies show young people who have previously been excluded either temporarily or permanently from school are more likely to be drawn into crime.  Certain demographics are also disproportionately affected by exclusions; for every one girl permanently excluded, three boys were in the same position. Black Caribbean pupils are educated in pupil referral units at nearly four times the expected rate.

“We know that early intervention is paramount in preventing young people enter a life of crime. Bringing the number of exclusions down and supporting those at risk of exclusion would be a key tactic in prevention. It’s important schools do all they can to make sure their pupils are kept safe and on the right path.

“One young death to violent crime is one too many. All parties who have a hand in building the future of a young person have a duty to make sure they reach their destination and are not stopped before their time.”