Assembly Response To Calls For NHS Dementia Funding
10th May 2019

Assembly Response To Calls For NHS Dementia Funding

On 9 May, a cross-party group of 68 MPs called for people living with dementia to have a share of a £2.4 billion NHS fund that has been set aside to subsidise costs.

The London Assembly Health Committee report Young Onset Dementia found that younger people living with dementia face different challenges to older people – including keeping a job, paying a mortgage, or caring for young children.

In response, the Chair of the London Assembly Health Committee, Dr Onkar Sahota, said: “We welcome the call for a slice of NHS funding to be given directly to people living with dementia.

“It is a very challenging illness to live with and patients deserve to get as much support as they can.

“People who have young onset dementia – those under 65 – would particularly benefit from such a fund as they’re likely to find it difficult to stay in employment despite being of working age.

“The Mayor says he is committed to making London a dementia-friendly city. We urge him to support this call for funding – particularly for those who are living with young onset dementia.”