Assembly Response to Bus Driver Fatigue Report
30th August 2019

Assembly Response to Bus Driver Fatigue Report

A Transport for London (TfL) study and survey by Loughborough University looking into fatigue amongst London bus drivers found that 21% of respondents had to ‘fight sleepiness’ two to three times a week.

It also found drivers are doing extra hours because of low levels of pay.

The London Assembly Transport Committee is currently investigating bus safety in the capital and will be considering this report to form part of its final recommendations to the Mayor and TfL.

In response, Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, Florence Eshalomi, said:

“We welcome this report by Loughborough University. The findings in this study are very concerning.

“The Mayor and TfL must urgently review the state of affairs for bus drivers in London.

“Figures like 36% of survey respondents having a ‘close call’ because of tiredness in the last 12 months is far too high. It is dangerous for the driver, passengers and other road users.

“The Transport Committee will be keeping a close eye on this issue during our ongoing investigation into bus safety.”