Apprenticeships Offer Adults Route Back Into Work
03rd May 2019

Apprenticeships Offer Adults Route Back Into Work

If you think new style apprenticeships are just for young people, think again.

Hayley Morton, who works for the Registrars service in Bexley, was successful in securing an apprenticeship last year after a 17-year career break to start and bring up her family.

She spotted the opportunity to work as an apprentice with the team at Danson House on social media, while looking for jobs for her eldest daughter. Hayley worked as a secretary before leaving to have her first child and had part-time jobs as her two daughters grew up. When they were old enough to be independent, Hayley was keen to return to full-time office work, but she struggled to get a start.

Hayley was interviewed by Anna Strange-Bennett, the service’s District Development & Services Manager, who offered her an apprenticeship the next day. She was employed initially for a year as a level 2 apprentice.

From the start, Anna has been keen to ensure that Hayley got the maximum benefit from her apprenticeship. Hayley now works on reception and deals with several registration tasks. As well as learning ‘on the job’ and receiving training from Anna and other colleagues, her tutor from Quest Training also visits regularly to support Hayley with the business administration course that is a key part of her apprenticeship.

Hayley took to her new role quickly and is now a key member of the team. She has trained to be a registrar, will taking up a level 3 apprenticeship and will be gaining experience of sales and event management.

Anna said: “We are so pleased to have Hayley in our team. She has made a tremendous contribution and is always enthusiastic and keen to learn. I make sure she gets the opportunity to gain as much experience as possible, to build up her skills.”

“Anna gave me just the chance I needed, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” said Hayley. “The people here are great, and I am determined to gain as much from my apprenticeship as possible. Apprenticeships may be something that other parents would find helpful as a way back into work, when their children are grown-up.”

The Registrars Service is managed by Kent County Council, who work in partnership with the London Borough of Bexley. It provides services to families at the most important times of their lives, from the registration of births, marriages and deaths, to weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and the renewal of vows.

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