Do you have an HR or training manager available to attend a free 2 day Mental Health First Aid at Work training course on Monday 30 April and Friday 4 May?

Mental health charity Bridge Support provides services to people with mental ill health. Part of the role is to improve the understanding of mental health and its support in the workplace. Although there are existing courses titled as mental health first aid they are largely awareness courses which deliver very little in the way of practical skills or interventions.

In response to this, Bridge have developed a new 2 day course aim specifically for people in the workplace that is focused on identifying, supporting and mitigating mental ill health in the work place.

Bridge have reached to point in the design process where they need to test the training for quality and effectiveness and they are inviting people with varied experience of training and mental health to attend a preview course on Monday 30 April and Friday 4 May.

There is a growing appreciation of the impact that mental ill health has on people in the workplace and an apparent appetite to address it. Bridge are interested to know how well this training fits with the objectives and standards that modern training mangers expect for this sort of vocational skills training for the people they support within their organisations. There will be a 1-2-1 feedback session after the second day for you to give your opinion. The course is due for public launch in June and the individuals and corporations that have contributed to the development of the training will be fully acknowledge in the associate media releases at that time.