Dr Linda Hyder
Company Secretary
Dr Linda Hyder

Length of time as member of Chamber
3 years

Personal Statement
As a Director for the Chamber, I have been actively involved as part of the Marketing team. I have enjoyed working with colleagues in overseeing the new look Masthead and also the very exciting new web portal, which I believe will be of great benefit to our members.

I feel that my contribution to the Chamber is useful for developing links with the University, and the opportunities that arise from that relationship, where it is Chamber board policy to ensure that business and education work closely together.

Background Information
I have been employed at the University of Greenwich as their Knowledge Transfer Manager since 2000. Having left School at 16 in south east London, where I was also born, with few qualifications, my first job was with HSBC bank in Piccadilly, London. A few years later having left the bank and divorced with two sons, I decided to pursue higher education and accordingly enrolled at Woolwich College. This was only possible because the college not only provided a crèche, but also was prepared to pay £40.00 per week. The course that I pursued was “Women and New Technology”, which I admit I originally thought was for women wishing to improve their IT skills and not what turned out to be an engineering course! However, I persevered with several courses that eventually led to a PhD Doctorate in Process Engineering.

I originally started my University of Greenwich career working on consultancy projects in research area of expertise and also teaching undergraduates, but now work with businesses in transferring the Academic knowledge and skills that reside in universities into industry. In my spare time I love to travel and socialise and regularly attend various Chamber networking events.