Business (Almost) as Usual
20th March 2020

Business (Almost) as Usual

Not so much a break in usual communications, because the team and I really don’t want to stop doing what we do best, which is talk about our favourite wines and hope that we inspire in our customers a desire to do the same. But, a quick note nonetheless to say that we hope you, your families and loved ones are all doing well.

In a situation with so many negatives, it’s wonderfully hopeful to see so many positives too, especially in the form of creativity and innovation across all walks of life. There’s no doubt the next few weeks and months are going to take some time to get used to and will test our resolve to the max.

The consumer demand that’s been stripping supermarket shelves now appears to have spread to our shelves (online and in our Greenwich shop) and I want to let you know that we are currently operating as normal, albeit with a few of us working from home where possible. The warehouse is well-stocked, is taking all necessary precautions and is geared-up for contact-free deliveries.

The next few months may offer an opportunity to learn about and try a few different wines so if you don’t object, we’ll continue showing those to you, some for immediate delivery and some for drinking in the future. Of course we totally understand if you’d prefer not to receive any communication for the next few months, just let me know.