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Calling all Food Businesses in Greenwich

Good Food in Greenwich is looking for food businesses and traders to support a fairer, healthier, more sustainable food system.


Good Food are a partnership of individuals, organisations and businesses working to improve the food in Greenwich. Their vision is one of celebrating a rich diversity, growing, producing, preparing and sharing good food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and accessible to all and they are looking for all Greenwich food businesses to get involved.

How can you get involved?

Sign up for the food charter! 

Good Food have written a comprehensive food charter that covers all elements for food from field to fork and beyond, and are asking businesses to sign up online and make a pledge to improve one thing a year in the way they buy, produce, dispose of or promote food. Good Food are also asking all businesses to work towards becoming London Living Wage Employers. To encourage this, Royal Borough Greenwich has launched a scheme offering discounts on business rates to those who sign up to this accreditation; so what are you waiting for? 
Click here for more information on how to apply

Become a Good Food in Greenwich Trader

Any street traders or food producers can also sign up to become a Good FiG trader and they will promote you to any events they hear about. You just need to demonstrate your commitment to Good Food in Greenwich, so visit the website, sign the charter and make a pledge.

What’s in it for you?
Aside from knowing that you are making the world a better place? Good Food will also be promoting all businesses through many different routes, including Inspire, local media, social media, through local events and on the website. Good Food will be creating a network for all those signed up, to further promote their services and have a say in the Good Food in Greenwich Action Plan.