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Inclusive Technology Prize

Nesta has launched £50,000 Inclusive Technology Prize to Improve Everyday Life for Disabled People in the UK.

The new Inclusive Technology Prize aims to inspire technological innovation among UK entrepreneurs in order to improve or develop assistive living aids, adaptations, products and systems that will make a difference to the lives the country's 12.2 million disabled people.

The challenge is open to individual entrepreneurs, businesses, charities, community groups and social enterprise organisations. The funder is keen to encourage disabled people, students, designers and makers to come forward with ideas.

Twenty-five semi-finalists will receive a £6,000 contract to take their ideas forward. Ten finalists will each be awarded another £10,000 to develop their ideas into a prototype. The winning inventor, announced in 2016 will be awarded a final prize of £50,000 to take the idea to market.

Applications must be submitted by 16 January 2015.

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