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Chamber Ambassadors scheme launched

To help our members make the most of networking, a group of active, enthusiastic Chamber members have been nominated by the Board to become SE London Chamber Ambassadors. 

As Ambassadors, they will give advice and guidance to new members, help promote the services and events available to other members and present the Chamber in a positive light.  In return for this, we are rewarding them with an enhanced profile on event guest lists and their businesses appear regularly on the ‘featured businesses’ on the website.

The role of the Ambassadors is to:

  • Look after new members who are at their first event, facilitating networking, introducing them to other members
  • Give advice to other members on making the most of their membership
  • Provide testimonials/case studies of how membership has helped their business for use in literature
  • Demonstrate a good awareness of membership services
  • Pass on feedback gathered from other members and giving their own feedback to the Board
  • Attend a focus group yearly to discuss membership and how it can be improved

We know that our members appreciate the opportunity to learn how to take advantage of our membership services from fellow Chamber businesses, as well as hear about success stories and practical tips.

Please look out for our Ambassadors at some of our events, they can be recognised by their ‘Ambassador’ badge and will be listed at the front of the guest list.