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Over 3,000 People In Lewisham Work For London Living Wage Employers

New research published in Living Wage Week (6–13 November 2017) has shown that over 3,000 people work for London Living Wage employers in Lewisham.

Lewisham became the joint first Living Wage accredited council in the country in March 2012 and over the past five years 45 employers in the borough have agreed to pay their staff a London Living Wage.

The number of London Living Wage employers in Lewisham has risen by 800% since 2015 (from 5 to 45). Local companies can get a one-off business rates discount of up to £5,000 if they become accredited London Living Wage employers. Find out more about the London Living Wage and our business rates discount offer for Lewisham business rate payers.

Vicki Skingley, owner of Good Food Catford in Sandhurst Parade, became an accredited London Living Wage employer in 2016. Talking about why she decided to pay her staff the London Living Wage, she said, ‘When you treat people respectfully you get the best out of them as an employer. I’ve got some great people working for me and the living wage really helps me to retain and motivate them. The London Living Wage plays a large part in making them feel valued and a part of the businesses success.’

Councillor Joe Dromey, Cabinet Member for Policy and Performance said, 'It’s great to see nearly 50 Lewisham employers agreeing to pay their staff a London Living Wage. That means over 3,000 people in Lewisham now work for organisations who pay the London Living Wage. But we want to see far more and I urge every employer in Lewisham to do the right thing and to pay their staff at least the London Living Wage.'

The Mayor of London announced on 6 November 2017 that the London Living Wage would rise from £9.40 an hour to £10.20.