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Cigarette Tossers Offered Help To Quit Smoking

Bexley's litter enforcement and Stop Smoking services have joined forces to help improve the health of local residents.

From 2 October, if anyone is caught dropping cigarette related litter and issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, provided they are a resident of Bexley they will be offered 50% off their fine if they successfully quit after completing the Stop Smoking programme. The fine will need to be paid first to prevent prosecution.

When issued with an FPN, the offender will be offered a card by the enforcement officer showing details of how to sign up for the stop smoking course. 

"If a smoker quits, they will benefit in three ways: through an improvement in their health, by eliminating the risk of a further fine for cigarette related littering and the 50% refund of their fine," explained Cllr Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure.  

This offer only applies to one fine for littering. If anyone is caught twice, they will only get one refund.

London Borough of Bexley hopes the initiative will benefit all residents: smokers and those who like clean streets.