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Big On Business

Probably the biggest annual networking event this year. Friday 18 August at Biggin Hill Airport.

Small businesses generate more business through their networks than any other marketing channel.  For many it is their lifeblood. Big On Business is here to help you build your network and build your business.

Big On Business is a full day’s networking and we expect about 300 business owners and directors to be there. The whole idea is to help you build your network and to find people who can help you grow.

We already have Google bringing Digital Garage to the day.  They will be delivering two workshops to help you improve your digital marketing. There will be a number of other workshops throughout the day, as well as speed networking to help you quickly find people and business to start relationships with.

Networking is not a quick win.  We don’t want you to sell yourselves at the event.  We want you to start, and to build, relationships that will help you in the medium to long term. They may become clients. They may become suppliers or they may simply become connections who connect you to others. Whichever they become, they will help you to take your business forward.

Finally, with the event being the day before Biggin Hill’s Festival of Flight, you will get to see a number of the aircraft taking part over the weekend.

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Tickets are just £25 for the whole day.