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New partnership forged for Sedgehill School

United Learning is a highly successful trust with a strong track record of improving schools, in inner London. They run a wide range of successful and popular secondary schools and Sedgehill will gain a sister school in Lambeth Academy to help make it a first choice for more local parents.

The partnership gives pupils, staff and parents certainty following a year when an academy sponsor has been sought without success.

The decision to enter into the partnership with United Learning was made by the Interim Executive Board (IEB) of Sedgehill School and supported by the Regional Schools Commissioner.

We worked with the Regional Schools Commissioner to broker this arrangement as part of our work to raise secondary school standards in the borough. 

Councillor Paul Maslin, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: ‘Our priority continues to be improving education for present and future students at Sedgehill School. 

‘There has been a period of uncertainty while an academy sponsor has been sought. We are pleased that this is now at an end and that the school is beginning a partnership with the successful and popular Lambeth Academy, part of United Learning. 

‘United Learning is a trust with a strong reputation and track record of improving schools in inner London. Sedgehill will remain a community school and will still be part of the family of schools in Lewisham.'