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London Living Wage incentive for local business

Royal Borough of Greenwich is offering discounted business rates to local businesses who commit to paying their staff the London Living Wage. The first hundred local companies that become London Living Wage accredited during 2015/16 will receive a rebate of business rates to cover five years’ worth of London living wage subscriptions

This offer aims to encourage local businesses that are committed to paying the London Living Wage to support their local communities and the local economy generally. Employers that pay the London Living Wage have made significant savings by improving staff recruitment, increasing staff retention rates, reducing absenteeism, and encouraging engagement from staff in relation to organisational development and raising profile of your business as a London Living Wage employer.

The business rate discount incentive is a key part of the campaign. The Royal Borough of Greenwich itself is an accredited London living wage employer, paying all staff a minimum of £9.15 per hour.