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Jennette Arnold OBE AM - Chair of the London Assembly 2017/2018

  • Following the work of the Police and Crime Committee, the Met is investigating historical allegations of electoral fraud at the 2014 Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election.
  • The Economy Committee’s work on Brexit led to joint talks at the Scottish Parliament, with Members of the European committees of the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and the London Assembly, and officers from the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • Following the Transport Committee investigation into the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street, TfL announced a 40 per cent cut in buses along the street.
  • The GLA Oversight Committee’s work on the procurement of the proposed Garden Bridge contributed to the Mayor commissioning a review by the Right Honourable Dame Margaret Hodge MP.

Just some of the actions achieved by the London Assembly during 2016-17.

The London Assembly is elected at the same time as the Mayor of London. 

Its 25 Members are made up of twelve Labour, eight GLA Conservatives, two Green Party, two UKIP and one Liberal Democrat Member.

Every year, the Assembly is required by law to produce an Annual Report. That report is published. 

Elected by you – working for Londoners’ [1] details how the Assembly looked at the actions of the Mayor, and examined the finances and performance of the Greater London Authority (GLA) group.[2]

Chairman of the Assembly during 2016/17, Tony Arbour AM said:

“The transition from one Mayor to another could have been difficult; however the Assembly has been fortunate that the transformation from Johnson to Khan has been as seamless as the transmogrifications of Dr Who.

The influx of new members has given a new energy to our task of holding the Mayor to account whilst he seeks to ensure that London has a fair deal.

This Annual Report is our accountability document to Londoners.

During 2016/17, Assembly Members asked 4,630 questions of the Mayor, our committees produced reports covering topics addressing issues as diverse as electoral fraud, Notting Hill Carnival, congestion and the fares freeze.

The London Assembly is elected at the same time as the Mayor and our job is to ensure that he is held accountable for his actions.”