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Introducing our new team!

In December 2015, we said our goodbyes to staff members Shirley Nelson and Cheyenne McDowell-Dwyer and now we start  2016 with a fresh staff team. Many of you had the opportunity to meet the new office team at the Christmas Lunch.

Most of you will know Sally Doherty, who has been a part of the Chamber for many years. Sally will continue managing the finances on behalf of the Chamber. 

Stella Degazon joins the Chamber as the Office Operations Manager. Before joining Stella, worked at The O2 in corporate hospitality, customer service and ticketing. Stella will be bringing her past experience and skills to the chamber. 

We welcome our new graduate talent, Emma Bernard and Sandra Idio who will be bringing their academic knowledge and creativity to the Chamber. Emma studied in Visual Arts and has a range of experience from teaching to administration and has now taken on the role of Events and Operations Apprentice. Sandra is our new Marketing Apprentice; she previously studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and has past work experience in marketing and PR.

Our new dynamic team are excited to bring in new ideas to the Chamber. Look out for the exciting changes and upcoming events in 2016