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HSBC Business Statement



"Job creation is really at the heart of helping the economy grow. We want to encourage people to look at ways of growing their businesses as this will lead to the creation of more jobs.  By creating more jobs there will be more wage earners, and that is how you boost the economy and take it forward.  There are now 5.4 million SMEs in the UK, which means the growth of the economy will be driven by smaller businesses. 

At HSBC, we have more than 1 million businesses across the UK and we recognise that we too have a responsibility to help the economy grow.  Last year we launched our largest package of support for UK SMEs through a £10bn lending fund so that ambitious SMEs are able to access the funds they need to grow their businesses.  SMEs in the UK are diverse and are investing in a broad range of areas - for example, investing in new premises, new machinery or equipment, into research and the development of new products, or potentially through expanding into new markets overseas.  It's important that businesses understand how best to grow and then crucially get the right type of finance to support their investment.”