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Global Mobile Awards

The Global Mobile Awards offer organisations across the international mobile eco-system the opportunity to showcase the latest and best mobile products, apps, services and initiatives to the world.

Award winners will benefit in the following ways:

  • Competitive differentiation.
  • Increased awareness amongst sales prospects.
  • Global media coverage.
  • A unique promotional platform.
  • Global recognition for local projects.
  • Recognition of excellence - for employees, investors, customers and partners.

Award Categories for 2015 comprise:

  • The Connected Life Awards
  • Best Mobile Services
  • Social & Economic Development
  • Apps of the Year
  • Best Mobile Handsets & Devices
  • Best Mobile Technology
  • Government Mobile Excellence Awards
  • GSMA Chairman's Award 2015

The scheme is open to eligible companies and enterprises from all across the world. Qualifying organisations are those operating in the mobile communications eco-system, from mobile operators and manufacturers to industry participants and suppliers from converging industries such as the entertainment, advertising, computing, financial, education, automotive, health, government and all others where mobile products and services are used or are being developed.

The deadline for receipt of entries for the 2015 Awards is Friday 5 December 2014 at 5pm.