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FREE e-business support

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In partnership with

 South East Enterprise

Is your business fully fit for the digital age? E-business is much more than selling online, it can help make almost every aspect of your business more effective.

The Chamber is now offering a FREE e-business training programme in partnership with South East Enterprise.

Through the programme, your business can access free training in any of the following areas: 

  • web and CMS (content management system) 

  • SEO (search engine optimisation) 

  • CRM (customer relationship management) 

  • social media  

  • email 

  • VOiP and webinars 

  • QR codes 

  • e-accounting 

  • e-commerce 

  • payment platforms 

  • VPN (virtual private network) 

  • cloud backups 

  • cloud subscription 

  • intranets and extranets 

To qualify, you need to be based in Greenwich and have been trading for at least six months. 

Click here to email us for more info or phone: 020 8305 2666


"I enrolled on the scheme to see what it could do for me and also to take advantage of a free consultation. I find that talking over your business with someone else for an hour or so often brings new ideas to the fore or just endorses existing ideas, this can be just as useful and inspires you to actually carry out what you knew you should be doing.

From my initial meeting I am now investigating importing goods from China, selling them and taking payments on-ine. This is opening up a whole new business opportunity and creating a massive new market. It is definitely worth a couple of hours of anyone’s time to see what possibilities are out there – grab the opportunity."

Steve Nelson, Image Directors