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Cabinet Endorses Three Council Partnership For Adoption Services

Bexley's Cabinet gave the go ahead on 19 September to increased collaborative working with Kent County Council and Medway Council to deliver adoption services.

The decision - which has also been endorsed by Kent and Medway - will allow the three local authorities to increase their partnership working to meet a longer term plan to implement a Regional Adoption Agency.

The Regional Adoption Agency supports the Government’s vision to deliver improved adoption services, aiming to ensure that those children for whom adoption is appropriate are given the best chance of finding a loving, permanent family as quickly as possible.

Cllr Phil Read, Bexley's Cabinet Member for Children's Services said: “We are pleased to be part of this partnership, which we are confident will help improve the way we work together to provide adoption services for children and families.

"We will build on the work we have already done with Kent and Medway, to share best practice and make improvements that deliver even better results for the children in our care."