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Business short courses

Goldsmiths short business courses

Goldsmiths works with business community to support innovation and growth. As a research community Goldsmiths are constantly looking at ways to support the community, businesses and organisations, helping them respond to the opportunities presented in ever changing environments we live and work in and channels of communication we use.

In the case of businesses there is a great need to maintain and develop new skills to gather and use market intelligence efficiently and effectively. The university sector as a whole is looking at how they can best service the business community through their mainstream education programmes. Goldsmiths has been delivering adult education since 1891 and have now taken a bold step in creating a new range of short courses for business and organisations. These courses have been developed as a result of the research and consultancy work we delivered with and for the Business, Public and Third sectors. We have carved out targeted practical courses aimed at equipping individuals and organisations with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact.

In October, Goldsmiths will unveil this batch of exciting new range of interdisciplinary and complimentary short courses to be offered alongside its established arts, design, humanities, and social sciences degrees. This will see Goldsmiths become one of the foremost short course providers in London and will give businesses and the general public access to the College’s creative and cultural industry links and expertise.

Goldsmiths’ as a brand is renowned for its successful engagement with the creative industries, (acclaimed artist Damien Hurst, filmmaker Steve McQueen and rock band Blur are famous alumni) but its links to local industry and community training are also very deep-rooted. After opening in 1891, the then-named Goldsmiths’ Institute stated its pride in, "the promotion of technical skill, knowledge, health and general well-being among men and women of the industrial, working and artisan classes".  

So who will be delivering these new course? Today, the College is home to a branch out company, i2 Media and also  The Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE). The success of these two consultancy groups has been key to the development of a range of interdisciplinary short courses that, in collaboration with the Politics and Anthropology Departments, have been fine-tuned for today’s market and business needs.

The Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) specialises in the delivery of enterprise, cultural management and policy education to the creative and cultural sectors. The Institution will offer the course ‘Starting a Business?’ as developed by Adrian De la Court. This draws on the vast experience of business consultancy work at Goldsmiths a long-term collaboration with NESTA and in a fresh approach to business training, the course will give students an opportunity to test out the ideas, explore their business potential and benefit from the advice of ICCE’s expert academics. Students will look at tried-and-tested approaches and will be encouraged to consider different business models.

Being Goldsmiths courses, there is an emphasis on nurturing creative businesses and Christopher Hogg from ICCE will bring over fifteen years of online marketing experience to the course ‘Social Media for Artists, Creative Institutions and Cultural Entrepreneurs’.

Unlike other university-led short courses, Goldsmiths have looked beyond academia and instead have tailored business-applicable courses. i2 Media, a branch of the Goldsmiths Psychology Department are a media research strategy consultancy and in a fifteen-year existence they’ve worked on high-level projects with Sony, Honda and Saatchi & Saatchi amongst others. On the courses ‘Introduction to Digital Consumer Research Methods’ and ‘UX Research: Evaluating user experience of products and services’ participants will be taught by i2 Media founding member Jonathan Freeman and will benefit from the backdrop 180 commissioned projects.

Similarly, with the introduction of a course entitled ‘Understanding Economics: Applying Economics in Today’s World’ is less of an ‘Economics 101’ module and more of a grounding in economics for practitioners who wish to incorporate it into their profession. The connecting theme between the courses being methods to maximise profit and fulfil potential whilst forming and maintaining brand values.

These courses will act as catalysts for the individuals and organisations that take part and will see an exciting convergence of the Goldsmiths research and practice based communities with like-minded members of the public, business, charities and public sector communities. We see this as powerful combination which will see life changing and at times dramatic outcomes.

Goldsmiths short courses are available to individuals and can also be provided as bespoke programmes which can be tailored to suit a company’s specific needs. Goldsmiths is committed supporting South East London Chamber of Commerce members and will be offering a 15% discount on a range of new short courses. Visit your section of the Goldsmiths short courses site for more information.