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Best of both for business & universities

One of SE London Chamber’s key aims is to encourage stronger links between SE London businesses and universities. The CBI has just produced a guide on the benefits of such collaboration, Best of Both Worlds, and the guide aims to encourage more firms, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, to partner with universities. In a world of intense competition, building and sustaining competitive advantage requires innovation, and the people with the skills to support and deliver it.

The UK’s world-class universities are perfectly placed to help: by supporting business research and innovation and by delivering a highly skilled workforce At the same time, the growing skills crisis threatens to put economic recovery and rebalancing in jeopardy. Nearly half of all businesses lack confidence in finding enough recruits to fill the high-skilled jobs of the future. Addressing this challenge will require innovative approaches – not only new ways of ensuring that recruits have the skills employers need, but a fresh approach to raising the skill levels of the existing workforce.

The guide, sponsored by Middlesex University, sets out the clear business benefits – to both firms and universities – of building and increasing levels of collaboration. It signposts the many different ways firms can collaborate with academia, provides advice and guidance on processes and includes a number of case studies to inform and inspire new partnerships. 

To read the guide, click here